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Cheat your way into advertising.

The Farm by BBDO is an exclusive 3-week advertising boot camp for highly motivated creative, strategic or commercial minds. It’s the ultimate shortcut to a job in advertising: 68% of all Farmers get a job.

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More about The Farm

The Farm runs from Monday 3 Aug - Friday 21 Aug.

This exclusive 3-week advertising boot camp is for 12 highly motivated participants only. People with a creative, a strategic or a commercial mind. The Farm is an excellent shortcut to your dream job. Seven out of ten ex-Farmers are working for an advertising agency today.

During this 3 week advertising bootcamp, you get to experiment with all thinkable forms of communication. It’s an environment where you meet a number of high profile advertisers who are dying to brief you on one of their coolest projects.

Get a taste of last year’s edition on Youtube.

How to become a Farmer

To become a Farmer, you have to get selected. Selection day will take place Friday 3 July.

First there is a personal interview with a jury of professionals (BBDO) and BBDO clients. They will select 24 people who go to the next round.

Next there’s an assignment which has to be resolved in group within a time span of a mere 2 hours.